Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Heals Emotional Hurt, and Physical Pain? How the Mind, Body & Soul Work Together.

Over 25 years ago the true story about a woman’s past life experiences shifted my entire reality about healing, and what’s on the ‘other side’.

The book was called “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss who revealed incredible details his patient Catherine experienced recalling a total of 86 past lives.

Having access to these past life memories allowed Dr. Weiss to finally heal Catherine’s severe anxiety, pain, and panic attacks.

Back then, I just thought “we have past lives”? How could revealing past memories heal what was causing stress, and pain today? It made me wonder “what’s really on the other side, and how does our soul actually work with our body and mind?”

In my teens, I’d already wondered how the placebo effect actually worked when I came across that phenomenon. Growing up in a family of medical doctors, something wasn’t adding up.

Saying “your mind believes it so you just get healed” doesn’t explain how the healing took place. I didn’t know this was the basis for hypnosis — the power of suggestion.

It could also be seen as ‘the power of intention’, which definitely has an energy component.

Did you know the placebo effect was discovered by French pharmacist, Emile Coue who developed hypnotic suggestions to bring about changes in the mind and body?

When Spirituality Shifts from Having Faith to Your Reality

What really astounded me was reading Catherine’s accurate details about Dr. Weiss’s father who died 2 years earlier, and how his firstborn son had tragically lost his life from a rare heart condition at 23 days old.

Here’s what she shared that rang my truth bells:

Catherine: “Your father is here, and your son, who is a small child. Your father says you will know him because his name is Avrom, and your daughter is named after him. Also, his death was due to his heart. Your son’s heart was also important, for it was backward…his soul is very advanced…he wanted to show you that medicine could only go so far, that its scope is very limited.” (Weiss, 1988).

Although Catherine was speaking, these words were coming from “master spirits” as Dr. Weiss called them — who are celestial guides for our souls between the deaths of previous lifetimes.

You may be questioning whether people have past lives, let alone the existence of master spirits.

The only way I can understand why this book spoke so loudly to me was a childhood accident that seemed to have me noticing spiritual phenomena with a different lens.

I literally fell over a cliff at age 6, and was saved by a tree growing out of the cliffside. I lay unconscious waking up on the way to the hospital — broken jaw, battered face, but otherwise no major changes..or so I thought.

What I discovered time and time again is that if you come close to death either by illness or accident, especially those who’ve left their body from a near-death experience — something profound changes energetically in you..

Ever since that accident, I feel like I’ve been thrown off some cosmic deep end searching what I always sensed — that we are souls, and life goes on beyond here.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This revelation of ‘higher celestial guides or angels’ resonated with a faith I was already carrying.

After my accident, I noticed 11:11 showing up often on digital clocks, and an unexplainable sense that I could only describe as a different spatial orientation in my bedroom when I first woke up that would shift back to ‘normal’.

I didn’t pay much attention, and eventually, the 11:11 prompts and feelings faded, but decades later I would discover exactly what those experiences meant. (You have to get to the end to find out!)

The Mind, Body and Soul

These days, we often speak about the ‘mind, body and soul’, but it’s our soul that remains most elusive to us. Do you ever wonder about the soul meaning of challenges, and any painful events you’ve experienced?

Why something or someone you met happened the way it did?

Have you reflected not just on what you are supposed to do with your life, but your higher soul purpose of who you’re meant to be?

Do you feel aligned in who you are?

Whether past life memories or ‘master spirits’ are real or just someone’s wild imagination turns out doesn’t matter. Our imagination is powerful, and everyone has one.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” ~Albert Einstein

Trusting Your Truth Even if You’re On Your Own

As a Columbia graduate who attended Yale Medical School with a young family, Dr. Weiss had much to lose writing a book about what many in the medical field still consider “complete nonsense”.

Would you be willing to put your integrity, and reputation on the line if it meant losing your entire livelihood? Dr. Weiss trusted beyond a doubt that what Catherine shared was true.

It would take another 20 years before Dr. Weiss appeared on Oprah to share “Many Lives, Many Masters” in 2008 for the idea of past lives to hit a much wider consciousness.

I had turned the last page in my early 20’s completely awestruck, and at the time working as an accountant for Price Waterhouse.

No one in my professional circle, friends or family of mostly medical doctors were ready for a discussion about how your soul may be experiencing past lives.

I dared tell no one.

But this story was the evidence my soul needed that began opening spiritual doors — transparent windows to universal wisdom, circuits, auric fields, chakras, celestial personalities, an organized hierarchy on the other side, signs, synchronicities, and how energy is integrated in our mind, body, and soul.

“Teachers” really do show up when you’re “ready” in unexpected ways when you allow your soul to lead the way. For me, it was after I left my accounting career and became a life coach, and writer.

What I’d learned so far about the external world of success, knowledge, and happiness was missing a huge piece — the internal landscape of our mind and soul, which is all connected to a unified consciousness.

Coaching clients on their life areas would consistently go back to what was most important: their relationships, and getting them to a place where they felt free to be themselves without judgment with all the people orbiting their life.

The highest priority kept coming back to the kind of relationship you had with yourself — your own soul. Our centre, and compass to guide your mind and body to navigate in the world.

Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

I was feeling called to learn how to do past life regression not only for my clients, but as a wider understanding of what happens to the soul (the “I Am”) as we pass from this life.

Past life regression seemed like a practical bridge between coaching, and the soul path.

I felt an intuition (what I recognize now as a ‘nudge’ from my guides) to contact one of my previous clients, Dr. Rajiv Parti who had a near-death experience (NDE) detailed in his recent book “Dying to Wake Up”.

We get on Skype, and Rajiv proceeds to tell me how his hand was healed after a past life regression with Dr. Weiss at one of his workshops. He was now as we spoke introducing past life regression to his clients!

So my rational mind is thinking “WHAT, really — you also did past life regression training with Dr. Weiss?” Meanwhile, my ‘soul mind’ is calmly noticing what you might consider a mere coincidence.

Today I receive signs and synchronicities as confirmation that “I am on the right path” and my celestial teachers are simply saying hello, and reminding me that a whole other world exists outside of what I physically see.

Things are not only as they appear.

When you are unconsciously seeking information to help you grow spiritually, and you’re in a practice of stillness, the most remarkable people, experiences and events show up in a growing abundance.

Rajiv explained that I first need to take hypnosis training if I want to learn how to do past life regression.

My first thought was “hypnosis? Really?” That technique where you look blankly into someone’s eye while they swing a watch until you get sleepy, and find yourself clucking like a chicken?

I was completely ignorant about all the ways hypnosis has been used to heal people for centuries, or how it worked to tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

Past life regression is really just a form of hypnosis.

So is the well-known healing tool NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, both practicing hypnotists.

Why Hypnosis is a Well-kept Secret

Most of us are familiar with stage hypnosis where people act in really embarrassing ways. The participants seem perfectly happy to oblige the audience, but I was left with an unsettled feeling that some kind of “mind control” was going on.

“Contrary to how hypnosis is sometimes portrayed, you don’t lose control over your behavior while under hypnosis,” experts at the Mayo Clinic write. “You generally remain aware of and remember what happens under hypnosis.” ((Time Magazine, Sifferlin, 2015)

You are actually ~25% more tuned in to what someone is suggesting while in hypnosis including what you tell yourself with your thoughts during times you are hypnotized, which is simply a more relaxed state of mind.

There’s always a fear around the unknown, but hypnosis allows you to tap into that mystery and discover how the subconscious part of your mind can work to heal.

There was always a mind-body connection that Western medicine lost sight of when pharma and big business took over our health care.

You can visualize the complexity of our mind with its various levels of consciousness using this popular image of an iceberg tip representing the small % of our mind that’s fully awake and in conscious thought.

Levels of Mind Consciousness

These 5 levels of consciousness all make up your mind. Unless we begin understanding how our mind operates, and what’s affecting our thoughts below the surface — its a tough battle finding peace of mind.

One of the ways we heal is to release old emotions, and limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind so we can live in a body that’s healthy, and a mind that’s clear emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

After recently completing training for hypnosis at the Hypno-Healing Institute in Toronto, I was pleasantly surprised by how hypnosis works to heal emotional wounds, and eliminate physical pain.

Our instructor, founder, and director, Debbie Papadakis is a licensed psychotherapist, master reiki healer, and hypnotherapist. She has treated thousands of people over her 20+ year career, and has also appeared in the Oprah Magazine!

As a class we were shocked by how easily you can get into a hypnotized state, and be cleared of “past trauma, blocks, and clutter” that’s in your subconscious mind.

She easily used hypnosis to temporarily anesthetize the top of one of our fellow student’s hands. Until I physically felt the pain of the steel hair clip Debbie placed on her hand without a single flinch I wouldn’t have believed it.

At the 2018 Euroanaesthesia conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this week, a team of researchers presented an evaluation of 150 surgeries performed on cancer patients between 2011 and 2017, which relied on hypnosis. In 99% of cases, they found, the method worked absolutely fine. (Quartz, Goldhill, 2018)

Hypnosis can often be a much faster way to heal than traditional psychotherapy because its a direct connection to the root causes.

If your body is ever hit with any physical trauma, and you react calmly in response, your recovery process will be much faster than if you panic, and jump into negative, fearful thoughts and emotions that create undue stress, and resistance to healing.

The epidemic of mental health we’re facing today with the volume of stress, anxiety, and search for meaning and joy requires we elevate our understanding of the mind, body, and soul, which involves evolving our consciousness.

Clearing the Misconceptions Around Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state for our human mind, and everyone has been hypnotized thousands of times without necessarily realizing it.

I started out thinking about health from a science perspective. Over time I discovered much of our physical health was directly linked to our emotional and mental health.

But it is our spiritual health that’s most crucial. That deeper sense of who we are, why we’re here, and the way we choose to give and receive in the world with ourselves and with each other.

Science has its truth, but also its limits.

The most common misconception about hypnosis is that people who are hypnotized are unconscious — and that they submit to the ‘power’ of the hypnotist. Not true.

However, you must fully trust your hypnotist — like anyone you choose to listen to, this is someone you are willing to allow into your own private space.

It also does not mean your mind is weak if you can be hypnotized!

Right before you fall asleep and in the first moments of waking up you are in a hypnotized state. It’s why you can usually remember your dreams as soon as you wake up if you make an intentional effort to do so.

When you drive to and from work without remembering all the points along the way — you’re in a hypnotized state driving on autopilot, but you can still arrive safely.

Understanding How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis allows you to use these “naturally altered states of consciousness” to help heal the mind, which affects the body and your soul development.

It’s been successfully used for insomnia, headaches, to quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety or stress.

Most importantly it can be used to heal our unhealthy relationships of repressed toxic emotions, forgive, and clear unresolved energies that can cause unexplainable pain, stress, dis-ease, and a disconnect with your soul.

“Hypnosis is a mental state, not, per se, a treatment,” says Dr. David Spiegel, medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. “People think it is a means of taking away control, but it is actually a means of enhancing control — over perceptions such as pain, anxiety, habits, stress.” (Time Magazine, Sifferlin, 2015)

There’s a growing consciousness in the power of our mind, body, and soul to heal itself. Check out the documentary HEAL available on Netflix or online for this holistic approach to your health.

If you’ve ever been asked to relax in meditation, and affirmations are provided or suggestions are being made — this is hypnosis.

What’s Happening with Our Brain Waves during Hypnosis?

Being hypnotized requires a qualified professional to guide you from your alert beta brain wave frequency (13–38 Hz, logical thinking waking state) of your conscious mind to either the alpha state (8–13 Hz — more relaxed, open to remembering) or theta state (4–8 Hz, slower, even more relaxed— lose track of time, mystical, deeper recall) of your subconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind holds the way your body responds naturally to stimuli without any thinking on your part. When you are in a state of fear — facing danger, your heart will race, your body sweats and releases stress hormones — all by itself.

The same holds true in a state of bliss — when you are fully engaged with someone you deeply love, your body responds naturally with everything flowing easily, and freely with no ‘external toys’ needed!

Your body will react to let you know something’s not working, which is more often due to repressed emotions, stress levels, and unresolved energies that are throwing your system out of balance.

“Believe the diagnosis, but not the prognosis”.

~Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Why? Because the state of your body may be accurately assessed, but your future outcome is going to depend to a much greater extent on what you believe, think, and feel that’s being directed by your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis in Everyday life

You can easily be in a hypnotic state when you’re relaxed watching tv, and an ad shows up with a suggestion. What you watch triggers emotions & beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind, and now you’re ordering something you think you need or want.

Watching or listening in a relaxed state to the news can have a hypnotizing effect (including the murders, fires, thefts, corruption, chaos), so be mindful because what’s in the media is pre-dominantly fear-driven.

Right before you go to sleep is the worst time to watch the news because whatever stressful reaction, and overly negative experiences you take in will more easily end up in your subconscious mind.

If you feel emotionally drained, hurt, or frustrated by a relative you spend time with, this energy can cause pain in different areas of our body, headaches, and even disease.

“Whether you’re lonely (emotional distress) has a bigger impact on your health than whether you smoke cigarettes, eat or exercise… people who are lonely get more colds, cancer, heart attacks, sore throats…”

~Dr. Rachel Abrams, Integrative Medicine, M.D.

If you’ve ever found yourself speaking, or acting in ways you felt growing up you swore you’d never follow — you can thank what’s buried in your subconscious mind.

It’s believed by some in the medical community that anywhere from 40% up to 80% of physical pain ailments are caused by repressed emotions due to trauma or unresolved past situations.

Where Does Past Life Regression Fit In?

Past Life regression takes hypnosis a step further to a deeper part of you some call your super-conscious mind to recall memories from another time.

This is where your soul fits in. Our soul carries on beyond this lifetime, but the only way to ascend is to grow spiritually, and clear what may be keeping your vibration in a state that’s too low.

Places where you have not forgiven, hold resentment, anger, jealousy, guilt, shame, blame, loathing, or any kind of negative feeling against another person or yourself will keep you in a low vibration.

Essentially, it’s where you are judging yourself or someone else.

Your soul matures with a matching vibrational resonance, and if you carry dark emotional energies instead of those of light vibration (compassion, understanding, mercy, forgiveness, unconditional love) your “soul signature” will have difficulty ascending to the higher realms on the other side.

Our minds are connected to a universal Source through circuits that make up an expanding unity consciousness we can tap into at any time. Prayer is really a way to connect our thoughts to this universal consciousness that connects us all.

All the painful lessons you go through as you live your life have a much greater impact on your soul progression than you may realize depending on how you choose to respond.

We inherit all kinds of conditioning from our parents, and our parent’s parents, and on and on, but its not just what we ‘learned’ here, it‘s also any difficult energies we inherit through our soul as ‘fragments’ from other lifetimes that need to find resolution.

The greatest place in us that needs healing is where we have not forgiven someone or ourselves.

The healing that occurs in the thousands of recorded cases of past life regression including what happens between past lives, and putting it all together with the thousands of transmissions that have come through in the last century with celestial teachers proved to me that our soul exists beyond our physical body, and that there is an ascension path we are all on.

The real benefit of exploring your past lives is to heal past wounds, and understand how to become more loving, compassionate, understanding, merciful, and eventually reunite with the divine fragment that dwells within you that is the Source of all life.

One of my celestial teachers shared this recent lesson. It comes through one of my spiritual teachers who channels for the 11:11 Progress Group:

“Of all the mysteries and enigmas that pervade human consciousness, the understanding of this concept — of being personally guided by a fragment of the Universal Father Himself, is the greatest and most misunderstood revelation. It is the single most unifying principle that exists, and when understood, even at the most rudimentary level, it can transform mind and elevate human consciousness to see beyond its self-imposed limitations — it is the key that unlocks all mysteries and enigmas — the problems of the human condition.”

~Trinity Teacher Uteah

Uteah is a beautiful descendant being (we are ascendant beings) who was born directly from the Trinity and available to anyone who wants to connect with her.

You can find all of Uteah’s current transmissions here. The founder of this site has been one of my “teachers” who provided this wonderful index to ALL spiritual revelation in our entire history.

Caring for our soul knowing we have a divine fragment that’s part of us provides a healthy compass for life. Your spiritual health is the foundation for all the areas of your life.

When we are open to exploring our past lives — we are open to understanding the ascension path of our soul. The lessons we’re learning with the people in our lives, and our experiences is all part of your soul’s growth.

Hypnosis, and past life regression provides a way to safely explore your subconscious and super-consciousness mind to discover what you’re carrying energetically that can be creating pain or blocks mentally, emotionally or physically.

Are you willing to take the red pill, go down the rabbit hole, use the force, find the magic, and use your imagination — the source of all your creativity, which really is spirituality?

P.S. If you’ve read this far — yay! Here’s my understanding of what happened after my accident..have an open mind.

Explanation of the spatial distortion of the room & what 11:11 really means..

The spatial orientation I sensed after the accident was me experiencing different dimensions. 3 different spiritual teachers and many friends shared this independently as if it was a normal thing.

I’ve been asked many times what 11:11 really means because millions of people now see it. Here’s what I’ve come to trust and understand based on personal experience, and gathering evidence over the past several years.

It’s a mechanism that was permitted to be used by ‘secondary midwayers’ — these were the original 1,111 celestial teachers who remained loyal to our ‘Creator Son’, (Christ Michael not Archangel Michael) most know as Jesus during a Rebellion led by our previous ‘system sovereign’ (fallen angel Lucifer) that affected our planet 200,000 years ago.

It’s why we are behind spiritually despite our advancement technologically, and out of balance with our planet, still at war, and creating alot of the pain, disease, and suffering that needs to heal.

Midwayers exist in the realm closest to our plane and are responsible for the lights flickering, and those electronic signs that have the perfect song playing out of the blue, or the synchronicity of the book you need now mysteriously falling off the shelf.

Fortunately, we do have a lot of assistance, and there is a collective consciousness waking up worldwide to make our world a better place.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction..and why like hypnosis, stays buried until those who are ready can hear it.

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Soul Coach for higher relationships. 11:11er. Living your light. Experiencing love at the soul level. Vision: a judgment-free World.

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Carolyn Hidalgo, CCPC

Carolyn Hidalgo, CCPC

Soul Coach for higher relationships. 11:11er. Living your light. Experiencing love at the soul level. Vision: a judgment-free World.

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